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Migration and Human Rights

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What would you take, if you had to escape from your home? Imagine that you have to leave your home tomorrow. Your mum is asking you to pack your bag…and reminding you that you will have to carry it yourself. What would you take? Please share your choice with a picture.

afef beji / Tunisia

i would certainly take my kitten,
my dog , my phone and some food
for i don’t know for how long
i will be escaping.

Chiara Matalone

I think that if I have to go away
from home and to start a new life,
I will take with me some money,
something to eat and drink for the journey,
my telephone and its battery charger to keep
relationship with people I left in my home-town,
something warm to wear but also something
light if I will find a different
weather in the place where I am going to stay.
But the most important things I will take with
me are all the memories of my “previous life”.

Xristina Kalamaki-Nefeli
Bouta-Dimitris Boutas-Nikolas
Kurgotasis-Aimilia Balla-Anastasis Loukatos

If i had to leave my home tomorrow
I think that i would take with me
-A lot of water
-A lot of food
-Warm clothes
-my cell phone, because I think that
I would ned it to communicate
in case of a problem
– and finally my passport

Amira Ghanney

i am not interested by material
thing such as money mobile phone
clothes i just will take
a heart full of hope
and expectation
to return to my home

fathia attia

if I had to leave my home
i think I will take with me :
– my famiy
– food
– my dog
– souvenirs


i would take
with me some cash,
my phone,
some snacks and
maybe some clothes.

About us

Current issues concerning migration must be studied, understood, analyzed by our students in order for them to become active citizens. We need to create a geo-political and economic map of the Mediterranean area where the migrants are escaping from; we are going to study the History of the Middle-East to better understand why people want to leave their own home; we are going to try to understand what home means. So we are going to talk with the migrants: what are they looking for by coming in the EU? If they are looking for Universal Rights, what does Europe have to do and what should it avoid? We are going to discuss ethical problems: What does it mean to be a human being? Does everybody have rights, or do only lucky people deserve them? We are going to use philosophy to help us to form a better view of the opportunities and risks of migration, and maybe to find out some solutions.

project file

This is the project plan of our eTwinning project.

project plan




Liceo Scientifico Marconi, 4° C – Foligno

Hello to all!!!!!!

We are very glad to know you and to participate in this project…

We are the IV CS class and we attend the scientific  high school,  which is located in the town of Foligno in Umbria, Italy. The name of the school is Guglielmo Marconi, in honour of a big and important italian scientist and the inventor of the telephone.

We are a very large class, 29 students.

Our high school, founded in 1940, is actually a school with more than a thousand students. The institute has its headquarters in a building located on three complexes, in a large and beautiful park; but the increase of students has necessitated the establishment of a great new headquarter. Also our high school has a branch located in the small town of Cascia, in the earth of Sibillini’s mountain, with about 87 students.

The scientific  high school is divided into four different addresses:

  • Traditional high school
  • High school of applied sciences
  • high school of art
  • high school of sport

Each student can choose one of these addresses, but the most important subjects are always math, science, physics, ITC  and the study of English.

Our school every year organizes three days when students and some experts organizes some laboratories on sport, art, music, technology, and any other topic we like to deal with. These days are to inform us better about the reality around us.
But the most important event during the school year is the “Spring Festival Marconi” a great day out with activities, games and concerts organized by pupils.



Grombalia High School

School is our second home. Here, we spend a half of a day, here we’ve got our friends. Here, we acquire our knowledge and skills which will enable to start our adult life. Here, there is our world . 

Grombalia High School is one of the biggest and oldest Tunisian high schools; it opened its doors in 1964–1965. in addition, Grombalia high school contains 4 levels of education : we have 1st year classes , 2nd lettres / sciences / computer sciences / economy and management classes . also , we have 3rd classes which are classified by section so we find 3rd lettres / 3rd maths / 3rd sciences / 3rd computer sciences / 3rd technology / 3rd economy and management . Finally, we have the baccalaureate classes which are classified as the 3rd classes .
The total number of students who enrolled in Grombalia Secondary School in the school year 2015/2016 is 1868 (783 boys and 1085 girls.) 
Given its huge size and importance in the whole region, Grombalia Secondary School has no less than 136 male and female teachers. Getting an education is certainly what our students are at school for. Yet, Grombalia Secondary School students do have another good reason: being a useful member of society! Equipped with a will to help their needy school mates and a desire to give without expecting anything in return, they have shown an untiring determination to do volunteer work.
Supervised by a number of dedicated teachers,
Les Volontaires Du Lycée de Grombalia have done a lot for the benefit of
their school and school fellows. Their work involves collecting old books and other school supplies at the end of every academic year to distribute them later on to students who need them to start a new school year with grateful smiles.
But that’s not all. This group of hard-working young volunteers have also helped paint the school library and classrooms as the pictures above show. They never fail to clean the rooms and repair the broken doors, window panes and desks.



Hebbelschule Kiel 

Our school is the Hebbel-school in Kiel. It has about 600 students and 50 

teachers. We´re a high school with students aged 10 to 19 years. The Hebbel-school is a certified “European School”, which means that we have a lot of partnerships with other schools in Europe.  We can participate in exchanges with Finland, England, Spain, Poland and France. For the last three years we have to choose between the following specializations:

  • Science
  •  Languages  
  • Social and Political Education.

Our school is known for the biggest assembly hall in Schleswig-Holstein and it´s successful rowing club called ,,Neptun”. In our school we use a system called I-Serv, where we can communicate with other students or teachers. In some classrooms we also have a video-projector. Our Technology club directs the stage at dramas, the runnig day and other events.



Szóste Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Bydgoszczy 

Our school was established on September 1st 1948. It consists of Secondary School nr 6 and Junior High School nr 50. We have about 700 pupils aged 13-19 attending classes of three different profiles – one with an extended programme of Maths, Informatics and Physics, one with Biology and Chemistry as lead subjects and an experimental class with pupils doing courses tailored for their special needs. In their first semester they follow the national curriculum and in the following five they attend classes aimed at developing their talents: in Literature and History, Biology and Chemistry and Business Studies and Economics. The languages teach at school are English, French and German.

The pupils taking part in the project are in their second year of high school on the Bio-Chemistry profile. Some of us are in class 2b and some in 2c, but we have English lessons together as a group. Thanks to our students’ academic achievements our school is one of the best secondary schools in our city and country (the best in Bydgoszcz and 29th in Poland this year), so, as you’ll see, you can find many awesome people here.



2nd High School of Ilioupolis, Athens

Our school is in a very beautiful spot in Ilioupoli, a south-east suburb of Athens. It is located on the mountain called Imittos and it has a fantastic view to the sea!   Our school is the” 2nd junior high school ” It has got three floors .The originality of our school compared to the other schools is that pupils can change classes according to their lesson. So when we have literacy lesson or Mathematics we go to the second floor. When we have technology we go to the ground floor and for our French and English lessons we go ahead to the third floor! One advantage in our school is that we have our own lockers! So when we have a lesson we take only the relevant books and we leave our bag inside the lockers.


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